Dispyt Den Standigt Narvarande Angesten CD

Dispyt Den Standigt Narvarande Angesten CD


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Dispyt is a Black Metal / Crust / Punk band from Pietarsaari, Finland formed by members of both Ondfødt & Finntroll.

  Den Ständigt Närvarande Ångesten is their debut full length album which the band already self-released in 2017.

After 1,5 years later the self-release was sold out and we are therefore proud to breathe again new life into this punkish masterpiece and release it officially worldwide.

Track Listing

1. He e kört 2. Samhällets bojor 3. I skuggan av självförakt 4. Total alkoholist 5. Sommarstaden 6. Va fan vill du? 7. Då samvetet tryter 8. Mest bara van 9. Under hans givande hand 10. Martyren själv 11. Verklighetsflykt 12. Den ständigt närvarande ångesten
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