Discipline X Wasted In Hollywood CD

Discipline X Wasted In Hollywood CD


DISCIPLINE X – Wasted in Hollywood

Discipline X plays crossover thrash metal and the band was founded back in 2007. The band combines elements from old school thrash metal and punk rock. They have released two EP's, "Revolution" (2011) and "One Of A Kind" (2012) by using aforementioned crossover theme.
The Netradio stations all over the world have played their songs from the very beginning. The feedback from media have also been very positive and Rock Hard Magazine from Germany
stated that: "Discipline X is still the most unique band from Finland"
The Debut album "Wasted In Hollywood" is released 21.03.2014 by Inverse Records.
The Album contains catchy and hard riffs, speed, attitude and obscenity. The lyrics deals with real life themes like drinking, relationships and sloppy women.
There's no stories about dragons, swordsmen or happy endings in this records!
The Trademark for Discipline X is their unique and personal style. They do not bow to anyone and will always keep their own style in both good and bad.
If you're into hard, fast and punky metal, then do not hesitate to join in the army of Discipline X!


Track Listing

1. Walk in the Morgue
2. Perfect norm
3. Wasted in Hollywood
4. Bleeding Heart Blues
5. Jewel of Nile
6. Bukowski
7. I Want your blood
8. Overtime
9. Backstabber
10. T.A.B
11. Whoring Hollywood
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