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Devils Whorehouse was formed by Morgan and B War of Marduk together with two local musicians in January 2000. Starting out as a Misfits, Samhain coverband but after just two rehearsals the band started to do material in the same vein but with a darker more extreme approach. Inspired by human/unhuman beasts, execution grounds, cemeteries, carnage and the glorification of the imminent approach of death. The band entered the studio in April 2000 recording a minialbum named The Howling and was released on Halloween 2000. Followed by selected live apperences. During the summer of 2003 the band entered the studio once again, this time it was for the recording of the full length album carrying the title Revelation Unorthodox released in the fall of 2003 recieving enthustiastic raise from both fans and media. Due to different commitmentsthe band was placed on hiatus until now.
- 2008 - SHAPESHIFT AND ARISE! Devils Whorehouse has been reanimated and with a strong and vicious line up the band is currently creating and preparing new material for upcoming releases aswell as live apperances.

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