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With the new year comes good news, in the form of a new Descendents full length!
Since their inception, the fellas have all worked on different side projects, most of them musical, however frontman Milo has long been hard at work in the world of academia, finally ending up employed as a Scientist!
Lucky for punk rock fans Milo has traded in his microscope for the microphone and the punk scene can expect a triumphant return from the Descendents. Cool To Be You is 14 new songs that will undoubtedly whet the appetite of the starving scene, and is easily superior to their most recent and most commercially successful release: 1996’s Everything Sucks. That was the album that got the Descendents the respect they deserved as they could be seen and heard in heavy rotation on the radio and on MTV.
And now that Milo has once again forsaken the petri dish, we now anxiously await the release of another punk rock classic: Cool To Be You out March 22nd! (2004)

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