Death Alley Black Magick Boogieland Vinyl LP

Death Alley Black Magick Boogieland Vinyl LP


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Amsterdam's punked-out, proto-metal outlaws DEATH ALLEY play rip roarin' HEAVY psychedelic music that delivers a kick ass new take on old school Rock ‘N' Roll, mashing Motörhead and Black Sabbath to create a blistering, raw sound.

Featuring ex-members of THE DEVIL'S BLOOD, the band's music delivers relentless energy and maximum attitude! Black Magick Boogieland burns from start to finish, as super-charged guitars, electrifying leads and a raucous punk attitude race full throttle down a highway to hell.

DEATH ALLEY blasts non-stop, full-throttle, fast-n-furious rock action that flies a giant middle finger in the face of poseur posturing.

Thank the gods of heavy music, you've just met your new favorite band.

Track Listing

1. Over Under  2. Black Magick Boogieland  3. Bewildered Eyes  4. The Fever  5. Golden Fields Of Love  6. Stalk Eyed  7. Dead Man's Bones  8. Supernatural Predator
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