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Hailing from Malmö, Sweden's four piece thrash metal unit DEAD SLEEP have finally released their debut album "In the Belly of the Beast" on Denomination Records: ten tracks of raging energy, addictive hooks and uncompromising lyrics. The vinyl and CD come with an exclusive bonus track, the title song ”In the Belly of the Beast”, along with local artist Bartosz Nalezinski's mesmerizing cover art work. DEAD SLEEP forge their special brand of music in between the chaotic aggression of hardcore punk and the bombast of metal. Their sound picks the best from both old and new, falling into a strong tradition of eighties thrash metal while infusing it with a contemporary feel. Homage is paid to the nwobhm legacy and there may be nods at black and death metal, but the core lies firmly in classic thrash, with strong guitar riffs at the centre, relentlessly propelling the tunes forward.  Dead Sleep entered The End studio in September 2017 together with trusted engineer Ulf Blomberg. Five days later their recording work was done, with Olofsson’s tankerous drumming, Bader’s distinct riffs and Salo’s red-blooded solos providing a powerful backdrop for Wagner’s furious snarls and howls. The result is a beast of an album, with Brad Boatright's precise and crisp mastering providing the finishing touches. In the Belly of the Beast is a sonic reaction to the predatory capitalism of our age and a zeitgeist lacking in empathy. Refusing to internalise the frustration from living in an uncaring society is one way of performing active resistance. Dead Sleep says: Don't give up – give hell!

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