Datarock Woolgathering CD

Datarock Woolgathering CD


Datadyr is a jazz trio from Bergen, Norway. Their music ranges from the heartfelt and gentle to the energetic and explosive, and it's rarely far between those extremes. During four years of studying jazz at the Grieg Academy, the inspiration that accumulated and the expression that remains today is characterized by traditional jazz, newer directions in jazz and improvised music.

Many of the songs on the debut album have their origins from the beginning of their studies and have developed in parallel with the band. Songwriting and arranging have gradually taken a bigger part in rehearsals, while the band works hard to retain the spontaneous and playful expression that was the starting point for the trio.

As the band says themselves:
“It was a conscious choice to record everything in the same room, with as few overdubs as possible. We wanted to have good communication between us to make playing as easy as possible, and to capture the energy that comes from the joy of playing music. We wanted the instruments to bleed into each other to get an organic room sound”.

The album was recorded in Solslottet Studio at Bergen Kjøtt, with Iver Sandøy as engineer and producer.

With “Woolgathering”, Datadyr shows a different and exciting direction of Norwegian jazz.

Track Listing

1. Tier
2. Krystalldans
3. Woolgathering
4. Daybreaking
5. FastUp
6. Datadyr
7. Low Hanging Moon
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