Chelsea Anthology Vol. 3 3 CD Box Set

Chelsea Anthology Vol. 3 3 CD Box Set


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3CD SET. The Alternative• Traitors Gate • Faster Cheaper And Better Looking•  PLUS BONUS TRACKS - 55 TRACK SET.

"Anthology Vol. 3" includes three classic albums by punk rock legends Chelsea; "The Alternative" 1993, "Traitors Gate" 1994 and "Faster Cheaper And Better Looking" 2005. By the early 1980's Chelsea had already etched their names into punk history by hitting the indie charts multiple times and performing alongside bands such as The Clash, Specials, The Fall, The Police and The Subs. This triple CD set is the third instalment of a three part anthology that includes the bands most highly regarded and iconic work to date. It is an absolute must have for fans of the band and fans of the punk genre in general. 2016 marks 40 years since Chelsea formed, proof that they have stood the test of time and that great punk never dies.

Track Listing

The Alternative1.The Alternative2.Wierdos In Wonderland3.More Than A Giro4.Wasting Time5.Ever Wonder6.Where Is Everything7.You Can Be There Too8.What's Wrong With You9.Oh No10.Too Late11.Dream Of Dreams13.How Do You Know / I'm On Fire (Bonus)14.What's Wrong With You (Bonus)15.Right To Work (Bonus) Traitors Gate1.Streets Of Anarchy2.Be What You Want To Be3.Traitor's Gate4.Power For A Day5.Fireworks6.S.A.D.7.My Hotel Room8.Guns In Paradise9.We Dare10.Floating In The Dark11.This Is Now12.Nightmares13.Be What You Want To Be (Bonus)14.Fireworks (Bonus)15.Floating In The Dark (Bonus)16.Guns In Paradise (Bonus)17.Power For A Day (Bonus)18.Build An Ark (Bonus)19.Streets Of Anarchy (Bonus)20.My Hotel Room (Bonus)21.We Dare (In German) (Bonus) Faster, Cheaper And Better Looking1.Living In The Urban UK2.Sod The War3.Bad Advice4.New Utopia5.Cosy Family Way6.Sliding Down A Stream7.KXLU (Radio)8.We Don't Want It9.45RPM10.Ritaalin Kid11.And I Love You12.If We Knew Then13.Mr Ferry's Son (Bonus)14.Home (Bonus)15.Answer To The Question (Bonus)16.I Fought The Law (Bonus)17.White Riot (Bonus)18.Do We Really Care (Bonus)19.Linoleum (Bonus)
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