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Four years is not that long, relatively speaking. A ‘blip on the radar’ over a lifetime. But in the case of St. Louis’ Cavo, four years speaks to more of an eternity than some may realize. It doesn’t take much in this day and age for a band to break up. It takes a lot more effort to stay together, not to mention sustaining the want that got them together in the first place. So imagine a band, completely lost and void of the will to keep moving forward. In that reality, four years can seem like forever. And that’s where Cavo’s story really picks up.As vocalist Casey Walker likes to tell it, at the time “there just wasn’t anything left to give.” They had tried everything. ‘More guitars,’ ‘scream it don’t sing it,’ ‘pick up the pace,’ etc, etc. It didn’t work. Not for Cavo. No one believed it anyway. So they decided to stop. It was time to put this aside. And they did.But then something happened a while later. The want slowly started creeping back in. Not quickly, but little by little, over time. But the want this time was different. It didn’t feel the same. Something had changed. For once, it wasn’t about what someone else wanted. It was only about the four of them and what they wanted. And it felt right. So, they decided to try again, but this time, their way.Over 50 songs. A sound that truly reflected who they are as musicians. Not what everyone else told them they were supposed to be. No outsiders pushing for ‘more of this’ or ‘less of that.’ It was actually so much easier than they thought it would be. Cutting it down to just 12 songs was the hard part.They decided to call it “Bridges,” because they felt like they had crossed over to someplace new. A place where Cavo could just... be.“This record is completely ours,” Walker adds. “If other people like it, great. If they don’t, that’s fine too. The fans will understand this record, and we feel we have to honor their support by creating something that is 100% Cavo. They would see right through it if we didn’t.”In the music, it’s clear that the want has finally returned. And here it is. A body of music that takes account of everything they want to say. In their own words, with no expectations. Just a new beginning with a new label home, Pavement Entertainment. It seems like a lifetime of work to reach this place. But they want to be here now. And it only took four years. A ‘blip’ for some. An eternity for Cavo.


1. Nights
2. Just Like We Want It
3. Stay
4. She Don't Care
5. On Your Own
6. Get Away
7. Fight This War
8. Weather Rolls
9. Traitor
10. Cynical
11. Straight To The Bottom
12. Take Me Home
13. Wreck Me (Bonus Track)
14. Hush (Bonus Track)
15. Champagne (Alt Version)
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