By a Thread By A Thread CD

By a Thread By A Thread CD


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BY A THREAD have written and recorded some of the most dynamic and influential post-hardcore/rock ever to come out of the Pacific Northwest. Drawing on their experience in the hardcore band STRAIN, the four members of BY A THREAD create multi-layered, emotional music fueled by the power and desperation of the human experience. Heavy, hook-laden, and dark, their brand new self-titled album is slated for release March 2011. The album’s tracks are as expressive, evocative, and memorable as the band’s debut, but reveal a maturity in songwriting and approach that has developed in the decade since that first release. As always, the unmistakable energy of BY A THREAD remains intact, making this one of the must-have releases of 2011.


"When BY A THREAD hit the streets of Vancouver, British Columbia in 1997 this quartet would change the Canadian music scene forever. Formed from the ashes of hardcore heavyweights STRAIN, BY A THREAD has been a force to be reckoned with. Comprised of guitarist Sean Lande, singer John Franco, bassist Steven Fairweather, and drummer Joe Franco, BY A THREAD’s energetic intensity has been a veritable tsunami of musical and artistic excellence since their inception. BY A THREAD’s songs are captivating; dark and hauntingly beautiful at times, raucous and heavy at others. Internationally acclaimed Revelation Records released BY A THREAD’s seminal full-length recording Last Of The Daydreams in 1999. Their ability and willingness to share their heartache and joy with integrity has carved them a permanent place in the hearts and minds of their listeners, who understand the best thing about this band: BY A THREAD is real." – CBC radio

Track Listing

1. Fashion2. Line Ups3. Dive In4. Tomorrow’s Gone5. Reign6. Between The Takes7. Bloodshed8. Haro9. ...10. Up All Day11. Frame12. Eight Track Mind13. Breathless
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