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Broken Bones Broken Bones 3 CD Box Set

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Broken Bones Broken Bones 3 CD Box Set


This Broken Bones release contains all tracks from their previous releases "Dem Bones"(1984), "Bonecrusher" (1985), "F.O.A.D." (1987) and "Decapitated" (1987). Broken Bones are a hardcore punk band founded in 1983 and led by Anthony 'Bones' Roberts. They evolved from the band Discharge, and later moved into crossover. They have released eight albums, two EPs and a number of singles. Broken Bones has been cited as an influence by some of today's most prominent punk, metal and hardcore acts such as Metallica, Anthrax, Hatebreed and many more. They have also been key in the development of thrash metal (and its offshoot, crossover thrash) as bands such as Slayer have cited them as being a key influence.

Track Listing

CD1 - Track List (Dem Bones / Decapitated)
1: Wealth Rules
2: Who’s To Blame
3: Iron Maiden
4: Their Living Is My Death
5: Big Hard Man
6: Terrorist Attack
7: Stand Up
8: Civil War
9: Secret Agent
10: City Fodder
11: Intro
12: Annihilation No.3
13: Dem Bones
14: Decapitated
15: I.O.U.
16: Crucifix
17: Problem
18: Fight The Good Fight
19: Liquidated Brains
20: Seeing Thru My Eyes
21: The Point Of Agony
22: Never Say Die
23: Death Is Imminent
24: 10, 5 Or A Dime
25: Decapitated Pt.2

CD2 - Track List (F.O.A.D. / Bonecrusher)
1: F.O.A.D.
2: Kick Down The Doors
3: Teenage Kamikaze
4: Programme Control
5: S.O.T.O.
6: Missing Link
7: Best Of Both Worlds
8: Treading Underfoot
9: Bonecrusher
10: Delusion & Anger
11: Choose Death
12: Untamed Power
13: It’s Like
14: Death Is Imminent
15: Gotta Get Out Of Here
16: Never Say Die
17: Decapitated Parts 1 & 2
18: Problem
19: Secret Agent
20: Liquidated Brains
21: Gotta Get Out Of Here
22: I.O.U. Nothing
23: Seeing Through My Eyes
24: Annihilation No.3

CD3 - Track List (Live 100 Club)
1: Stand up
2: City Fodder
3: Liquidated Brains
4: Police Brutality
5: Big Hard Man
6: Sick And Bored
7: Whose To Blame
8: Decapitated
9: Mellow Out
10: Problem
11: Terrorist Attack
12: Civil War
13: Decapitated

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