Broken Bones A Single Decade CD

Broken Bones A Single Decade CD


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BROKEN BONES are a hardcore punk band originally founded in 1983, evolved from the band DISCHARGE. "A Single Decade" is a compilation CD covering their 1980's EP and single releases. Released on Brazilian label Criminal Attack Records.
Features the following releases:
"Decapitated" (1983)
"Crucifix" (1983)
"Seeing Through My Eyes" (1985)
"Never Say Die" (1986)
"Religion is Responsible" (1990)

Track Listing

1. Decapitated 2. Problem 3. Liquidated Brains 4. Crucifix 5. Fight The Good Fight 6. I.O.U. 7. Seeing Through My Eyes 8. The Point Of Agony 9. It's Like 10. Decapitated (Pt. 2) 11. Death Is Imminent 12. Never Say Die 13. 10, 5 Or A Dime 14. Gotta Get Out Of Here 15. Religion Is Responsible 16. The Madness 17. Brain Dead 18. Last Breath 19. Bonecrusher 
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