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Canada is good for more than just strong beer and sweet actors, the place dishes out some solid rock as well. Boys Night Out is their newest export and the great white north has another winner on their hands. At the beginning of an exceptionally promising career the boys are itching to get their music to the masses.
BNO play a dark take on pop punk laced with screaming vocals and the occasional breakdown. ‘Make Yourself Sick’ is a masterpiece of a debut album. The time and effort that went into this 2 month recording effort shines through in the creativity of the song writing and the recording itself. From church choirs to samples to multiple layers of vocals this album more than hints at what this band can become.
Early touring has introduced the band to the US, dominantly the East Coast, playing with the likes of Senses Fail (drive thru), Underoath (Tooth and Nail) and many more.
The name "Make Yourself Sick" is much more than an album title, it’s the bands creed, it’s the way they live – 200% all the time until it kills you. Whether it’s on stage, in a studio, in a basement writing or at a party, they don’t slow down and won’t let up.
Recorded and Produced by Scott Komer and Boys Night Out.

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