Boxhamsters Brut Imperial CD

Boxhamsters Brut Imperial CD


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The Boxhamsters are one of the most popular Punk-Rock & Indie bands form germany, founded in 1987.

Active members are: Co (vocals, guitar), Niels (guitar), Philipp (bass) und Ulf (drums).

The band's name comes from the Monty Python play Upperclass Twit of the Year the German translation of which features a certain Mr.


Along with other German punk bands like EA80, Muff Potter, Turbostaat and Dackelblut, the Boxhamsters see themselves in the angry German punk tradition but set off from this tradition/genre by pensive sensible lyrics and a first think then strike attitude.

They still play music in the vene of Fehlfarben, Blumfeld, Sonic Youth or Hüsker Dü and they are the main influence band for other big german indie bands like Tocotronic or Tomte.

They are lyrical, melancholic, melodic and still a little bit angry !.

Track Listing

01. 198202. Herzigel03. Mogli04. Schluchtenflitzer05. Unendlich06. Flöz & Pökel07. Daumenkino08. Lochfraß09. Gottmodus 10. Der 3. Ton 11. 1982 Instrumental
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