Booby Trap Stand Up And Fight CD

Booby Trap Stand Up And Fight CD


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Booby Trap continues to showcase their distinctive crossover/thrash sound heavily influenced in the 80s and 90s scene, while applying technical elements that can be considered unusual for this genre.

Lyrically, the band continues to explore those segments of society which oppress the people.

Other topics include the freedom of thought, religion, war, politics and pollution.

Artwork was conceived by Deivis Tavares and, accordingly to Booby Trap’s vocalist Pedro Junqueiro, “it intends to convey that feeling of struggle against the established sedentarism, against everything that oppresses us, and the lethargy and comfort of modern times which doesn't make us move our asses and fight for what is ours by right.

" .

Track Listing

1. Stand Up And Fight 2. Set The World On Fire 3. Big Disgrace 4. O Bom O Mau e o Filho da Puta 5. Fuckers 6. A Message Of Love 7. Spiders 8. Full of Shit 9. I d Rather See You Dead 10. Psycho Trap 11. Alcohol 12. Bombing For Oil 13. The Ritual
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