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Killbilly since 2007! The Berlin outfit Bonsai Kitten will release their 3rd full length album „Occupy Yourself!“ in march of 2014. This record is a call for liberation, change  and revolt, starting with a revolution in your own head. After  the release of their debut EP in 2007 for the Japanese market only, their first and second longplayer "Done With Hell" and „Welcome To M
y World“ came out via Wolverine Records. Since then Bonsai Kitten toured Europe excessivly and played international festivals. The feisty foursome regularily stages drama-packed live sets, bursting at the seams with explosive energy. Tiger Lilly Marleen, Highko Strom, Krczycz and Alexx Delarge are a street-smart force to be reckoned with! Bonsai Kitten will be your new favorite band!

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