Boilerman Loss Leaders CD

Boilerman Loss Leaders CD


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Burning melodic punk from Chicago, IL. Debut full length from this Chicago band that had an earlier single on Cowabunga. The vibe here is very much along the lines of earlier Dillinger Four in that there are a lot of outward signifiers of pop-punk, but somehow everything is just... better. The vocals are very raw yet catchy, the guitar riffs are heavier (more like a punk-y hardcore band) and the bass lines are busy and catchy a la prime-era Jawbreaker. I think the members of this band come at this more melodic punk from more of a hardcore background, and you can definitely tell as it pleases this hardcore kid's ears more than just about any other similar stuff. CD Version exclusively on Waterslide Records for the world

Track Listing

1. Glass Elevators2. Loss Leaders3. Dew the Du4. Stop Drop And Roll Won't Save You In Hell5. Carve Your Marks6. Gee, Thanks7. Encroachment8. My Life Is A Soul Patch9. Petulant Parents10. Invites Only (M Blanket cover)11. More Like Class Borefare12. We Get The Picture
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