bloodbeat Process Of Extinction CD

bloodbeat Process Of Extinction CD


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German Berlin-based death/thrash metal band Bloodbeat is set to release their second studio album "Process of Extinction".

With heavy riffs, brutal guitar sounds and crushing drumming that resembles a steamroller, the band manages to reproduce the ultimate Death Metal sound of the 90's and also add their own character.

The brute voice of singer and guitarist Jason adds a perfect shell to the rough instrumental core of the music.

Bloodbeat manage, despite their audible influences like Napalm Death and Slayer, to create their own recognizable and distinctive style of music that immediately throws the listener into the past of 90's Death Metal.

Lyrically reveal and reproduce Bloodbeat atrocities and abysses of humanity.

Track Listing

1. Creative Murder2. Beyond the Skeletons3. Pulse4. No Control5. Permanent Shadows6. Intention to Kill7. Rigor Mortis8. Slow Decompose
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