Blood Command Cult Drugs CD

Blood Command Cult Drugs CD


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In 2017 Blood Command makes their return with an album packed with cheeky and grandiose hits.

After two albums, numerous EPs and four radio hits, Blood Command are more hungry for success than ever.

The sound still has the distinct fingerprint of producer and songwriter Yngve Andersen: sharp enough to challenge, but wide enough that you'll want to throw your hands in the air and run into the crowd.

Since the last album, Andersen has received widespread recognition as a successful producer and is responsible for several monster hits.

But Blood Command remains his favourite pet.

Blood Command's reappearance shows a band that has never sounded as good as now.

Singer Karina Ljone is angrier and more accurate than ever, the ninja-riffing is smoother and drummer Sigurd Haakaas sets new standards in action-drumming.

It all comes with a relentless sting of murderous hooks.

If this sounds strange, That's because you have not heard the album yet! .

Track Listing

1. Ctrl + Art + Delete2. Cult Drugs3. Quitters Don´t Smoke4. Nervous Laughter5. Gang Signs6. You Can’t Sit With Us7. The Secret Impresses No One8. White Skin // Tanned Teeth9. Initiation Tape #110. (The World Covered In) Purple Shrouds
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