Blink 182 The Lowdown CD (Double Disc)

Blink 182 The Lowdown CD (Double Disc)


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5 years into what was described as ‘an indefinite hiatus’, fans of Blink 182 have cause for celebration as the boys return triumphantly this year with live dates across the world and their first new album in more than half a decade. And with drummer Travis Barker back in full health following the plane crash that almost ended his life, the smart money is on Blink‘s new material being the finest of their career to date, all ready to unleash on the music loving community any time soon.

Blink 182 – The Lowdown is a 2CD set celebrating the extraordinary career and lives of the group so far. The first disc features a spoken word biography of the band, detailing their incredible story and including new material not previously in the public domain. The second disc contains interviews with all the band members in which they speak candidly about a wide range of subjects from their first demo recordings to touring as one of the biggest bands in the world

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