Blind Pigs Sentinela Dos Mares B/w Uniao 7″ Vinyl

Blind Pigs Sentinela Dos Mares B/w Uniao 7″ Vinyl


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This legendary Brazilian street punk band formed in 1993 in São Paulo.

They released three demo tapes on cassette before signing to the now extinct American label Grita! Records where they released their debut album (produced by former BAD RELIGION drummer, Jay Ziskrout), Sao Paulo Chaos in 1997.

Over the next decade the band created their own label, Sweet Fury Records, and released four studio albums and one live record before finally calling it quits.

Now in 2013 to celebrate their 20-year friendship and devotion to the São Paulo scene, they have risen again to release a new album Capitania (meaning "Flagship").

It’s a mini-LP with eight punk rock songs sung in their native tongue.

It shows their experience, savvy, continued passion for a good sing-along and their knack for taking advantage of any reason to rejoice and/or scream as one! These two tracks are right off this new record, highlighting some of the passion and energy that Sao Paulo has been enthralled by from BLIND PIGS over the last 20 years.

Track Listing

Side A: Sentinela Dos MaresSide B: Uniao
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