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Original NWOBHM Band Blackmayne produced a self-titled album which was released in 1985 on Criminal Response Records (Ebony Records). The original album was well received and good reviews followed, but the band had broken up within that first year after just a handful of gigs and any opportunities for touring and promoting were lost at almost the first hurdle.  Jump ahead to 2016, and 2 members of the original lineup, Phil McDermott (ex: Straps) and Julian Sackett, got back together to see if they could regenerate the NWOBHM feelings they had so strong 30 years previously. In a very short time they had joined forces with Jay Duke on vocals and Pete Davies (UK Subs) on drums and had written “Chosen Few”, “Lionheart” and “Vanishing Point”. Scott Edwards joined shortly afterwards on guitar and Pete’s drum stool is now shared with Mark Aldam. Gary Bushell is a strong supporter of the band and has written notes for the new CD. They have already played the Athens Metal Festival and ended 2017 by playing the iconic NWOBHM Festival at Sheffield O2 where they were asked to jump up the bill and play main stage support to Diamond Head in front of 2000 Metal fans as well as BroFest in Newcastle. In support of this release, 11 brand new tracks, the band will play a series of festival including Mearfest, 4 Sticks Festival, Bulldog Bash, SRS and more. 

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