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Copenhagen based Bite The Bullet is the sound of sparkling fuzz-rock, melodic psychedelica and pure rock'n'roll. Compromising equal parts passion and presence, the band is on a quest to make the simple seem grand, the original seem contemporary and the present strong, and are now ready with their second album, ”Wheels”.
In a musical melting pot of British 70s rock, Scandinavian psych rock and generations of rustic American blues from Howlin Wolf to Dan Auerbach, Bite The Bullet creates an updated take on the retro rock album with both heart and brains. With songs like "What Am I Doing Here", "Uniform" and "Wheels" the listener is struck with melodic hooks, raw guitars and a lyrical universe of alienation and desperation.
To Bite The Bullet, rock'n'roll is all about living in the moment and being spontaneous, which has been the driving force in the creation of Wheels. The album is a snapshot of where the band stands both musically and personally. The whole process has gone fast from writing the material to tracking and mixing the album in just 12 days. This was not to rush the process, but to preserve creativity, presence and musical passion.

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