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From the cold, hard tundra of Sápmi, in the Barents region of Norway, comes the revolutionary band crew Biru Baby - with their bizarrely unique style and sound. The band has been described as “baffling”, “brilliantly unique”, and “Babymetal on acid”. On March 16th they will release their album Ancient Call, with the video for the song Reality Cannot Be Broken

Ancient Call is an 8-chapter journey through Sápmi, where the band explores their inerhitance as Sámis (the Norwegian indigenous minority) in a modern world. Through a genre mix described as "The Best of Die Antwoord, Babymetal & The Prodigy»

Biru Baby, est. 2014, has slowly but surely built an underground fan base and a reputation as one of Norway's best live bands who «[...] are just about willing to die to make the audience understand the seriousness. And the game.» (Music journalist Ole Jacob Hoel).

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