Belvedere Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense Vinyl LP

Belvedere Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense Vinyl LP


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The much anticipated 6th album from the band, Belvedere - “Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense” features a furious mix of old and new. Older fans of the band will feel the nostalgia of “Angels Live in my Town” and “’Twas hell Said Former Child”, while enjoying a new direction in song writing with the addition of Dan Wollach on guitar and Ryan Mumby on bass. The speed, the riffs, the insightful lyrics and singalong harmonies are all still there thanks to drummer, Casey Lewis and Lead Singer & Founder, Steve Rawles.

2020 will mark the 25th year of the band’s history. Since most of their 2020 tours in Europe, Canada, and Mexico were moved to 2021; the band felt the need early on to write this 6th full length instalment. The connection with the band’s fans combined with the band’s work ethic have provided the opportunity for them to tour to over 35 countries and over 1,500 shows. They’ve been fortunate enough to tour with almost everyone on the punk tour circuit from the smallest to the largest punk bands and have also been included on several editions of many small and mid-level festivals in Europe, Canada, the US and South America.

The band has continued to build its dedicated fan base through all sizes of venues including a series of late 90’s American basement shows of 30 attendees to Main stage outdoor festival performance of up to 20,000+ people.

Some of their albums have sold close to 20,000 units each and the band has surpassed well over 55,000 physical copies sold of all their catalogue combined. While the industry has taken a hit on physical sales, their last album “The Revenge Of The Fifth” still sold well and had over 4 million unique song streams on Spotify. Always the first to get into the crowd after their show, most of Belvedere’s fans have likely purchased an album directly from the band while many have provided the band a place to stay or meal to eat.

The connection is undeniable and a good reflection as to why the band has endured for so long.

Track Listing

1. Happily Never After 2. Elephant March 3. The Ides 4. Camera Obscura 5. Retina 6. Chromatic 7. Good Grief Retreat 8. Comrade 9. 2 Fast 2 Furious 10. Memento Mori 11. Automate12. Heartbreaker13. Peace In Our Time
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