Bastard Grave Diorama Of Human Suffering Vinyl LP

Bastard Grave Diorama Of Human Suffering Vinyl LP


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Swedish filth-practitioners BASTARD GRAVE returns after four years with an absolute headclobber “Diorama Of Human Suffering”.

Stripping away the traditional Swedish chainsaw sound, BASTARD GRAVE has never sounded more disgusting, repulsive and yet an intriguing aural stormstrike resulting in a swampfuck of a bludgeoning Death Metal record.

Recorded, mixed & mastered once again with Ulf Blomberg (Crawl, Age Of Woe, Inevitable End, etc) and the piercingly afflictive artwork by Stewart Cole (Contaminated, Noisem, Scorched, etc).

Track Listing

1. Life In The Sewers 2. Translucent Visions 3. Drowning In An Ocean Of Bile 4. Diorama Of Human Suffering 5. Transubstantiation Into Feces 6. Inner Carnivore 7. Madness Of Creation 8. Non-Functioning Pile Of Rot 9. Stench Of Infection
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