BAND OF SPICE Shadows Remain Vinyl LP

BAND OF SPICE Shadows Remain Vinyl LP


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Legendary Swedish singer/songwriter Spice (Spiritual Beggars, Kayser) returns with a new album by his very own band Of Spice, a theme record about a certain period in the singer’s life that was dominated by madness.

The music is like a bag of different pills.

Color, taste and purposes.

It’s Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal.

And it’s Blues, Jazz, Funk and even a bit of bossanova.

It’s feathers and stones colliding in Spice’s universe.

The sound of the album is very honest and pure.

In Spice’s own words: “I believe you will get that if you dare to be naked and true to what you are doing.

Not being able to put your trust in what a computer can do for you.

I love to work with the space in the room.

I love the craftsmanship of trusting your own ears, fingers and mind.


Track Listing

1. Only One Drink 2. The Pet 3. Coherent Train Of Thoughts 4. The Gap 5. Don’t Think About Death 6. Shadows Remain 7. Give Me A Hint 8. The Saviour And The Clown 9. Caught In A War 10. Apartment 8 11. Don’t Bring me Flowers 12. Sheaf 13. They Are Around 1
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