BAND OF SPICE By The Corner Of Tomorrow CD

BAND OF SPICE By The Corner Of Tomorrow CD


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Spice up your life…
Does he really need any introduction? Since the brilliant Spiritual Beggars coming on the hard’n’heavy scene in the mid-90’s, Spice’s voice and charisma have always been synonyms of fine songwriting, rock attitude and a bittersweet touch of melancholy.

‘By the Corner of Tomorrow’ is the first album that he recorded in standard tuning, aiming for a more “resilient” sound.

The Swedish band’s leader thought that both the first two Black Sabbath records still sound heavy, fresh and clear (can you blame him?).

His main goal was to make something in line with those timeless classics: a flowing collection of songs rich of variation, vibe and an unquestionable melodic feeling.

As usual, the lyrics deal with the human condition and our hidden dark feelings: fear, madness, hopelessness and the never-ending dream of escaping reality.

Such a lovely trip with Band of Spice, oh yes….

Track Listing

1. The Fading Spot2. Call Out Your Name 3. Tehom 4. The Sharp Edge 5. By the Corner of Tomorrow6. Midnight Blood7. Reglutina8. Cold Flames9. Rewind the Wind
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