Aztek Dream Dealer CD

Aztek Dream Dealer CD


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Aztek is a progressive rock band from Aalborg, Denmark.
Though undeniably rooted in classic rock the sound is influenced by more progressive artists such as Opeth, Jeff Buckley and of course Led Zeppelin.
Upon listening one also notices a distinct middleeastern flavour to the harmonic in the rhythm section this complemented by the longing, yet powerful voice of Benjamin Vestergaard constitutes the enticing sound of Aztek.
November marks the release of the band’s first album entitled “Dream Dealer”, a collection of songs of great diversity and variety regarding musical impressions but with a strong collective feeling nonetheless.

The often very potent sound of heavy guitar riffs is contrasted by a field of rather fragile and personal lyrics often circling themes of love and affliction.
The first single of the record will be the gloomy and mystical “Nick Cave” which is best described as a sort of modern murder ballad with a pinch of middle eastern prog.
Despite of its somewhat unusual composition of genres it has both a rather accessible vibe to it an a catchy melody.
As to the recording of the album it is highly inspired by the ways of the 60s and 70s rock records.
It has from the beginning been a wish for the band to record “as close to a live situation as it is possible”, as a more raw, unpolished and not so digitalized sound clearly fit the experimental nature of the songs.

Track Listing

1. Hold On2. Nick Cave3. Stay With The Word4. Sleep5. Preacing6. From You7. Love Me8. Cold Wars And Hot Bombs
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