Azrael Act Iii:self / Act Iv:goat CD (Double Disc)

Azrael Act Iii:self / Act Iv:goat CD (Double Disc)


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Post-rock, prog, psychedelia, neo-folk, jazz-fusion, and of course black metal: Post-BM power-trio AZRAEL leave no stone unturned in their quest for the ultimate in forward-thinking, rule-breaking Black Art! Specially priced, these two brand-new albums display the boundless depth of the band’s vision, vast yet uncompromising.

Sure to be seated alongside such masters as LEVIATHAN, AGALLOCH, ULVER, DEATH IN JUNE, and classic BETHLEHEM! .

Track Listing

Disc 1 - Act III: Self 1. Silence 2. Obscure Ritual Initiation 3. Seeping into the Wound 4. Worship 5. Swing the Blade 6. Diminished 7. Down into Blood 8. Sealing the Coffin 9. Unto the Eye Total Playtime 63:59 Disc 2 - Act IV: Goat 1. Death Shroud 2. Wri
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