Azaghal Alttarimme On Luista Tehty (+ 24 Page Booklet) CD

Azaghal Alttarimme On Luista Tehty (+ 24 Page Booklet) CD


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The Finnish Black Metal Legends of Azaghal are back with their 12th studio album «Alttarimme on Luista Tehty» and once again they’ve managed to deliver an album that respects the origin of their creation. Heart shredding guitars in the classic way of Azaghal riffing, fast, relentless pounding drums and beautiful bass melodies in combination with haunted  crushing vocals delivered by a brand new Vocalist who is able to create the well needed refreshing in their sound.

All in all, their new album sounds exactly how Finnish black metal should sound, Uncompromised, relentless, furious, hateful and fast in combination with some new found rare 80’s rock elements which makes this album more unique then all their previous work! Azaghal once again knows how to breath back life into their long existing name and Black Terror Metal is all what you can expect from them!

The album will be released on various physical formats accompanied by a wide range of various limited merchandise products.

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Track Listing

1. Alttarini On Luista Tehty (04:09)2. Kuolemanmarssi (02:55)3. Kultti (03:31)4. Paholaisen Musta Kieli (03:42)5. Myrkkyä (03:03)6. Kaaos (02:27)7. Syöpäläinen (03:07)8. Syvyydestä Liekkien Takaa (02:54)9. Verivirta (03:02)10. Ei Valoa Tuonelassa (03:17)1
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