Axxis Kingdom Of The Night Ii (white Edition) CD

Axxis Kingdom Of The Night Ii (white Edition) CD


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They are one of Germany ´s Rock bands that have written history and still do: 2014 Westfalian Hard Rockers AXXIS will become 25 years old.

Exactly 25 years ago their successful album "Kingdom Of The Night" has been released, which is until now one of the most important national Rock Albums.

Its date of release was on Feb.

28th 1989.

Exactly on that day again, 25 years later, "Kingdom Of The Night", part 2 will be released.

For some days it has been decided that the album will consist of two CDs.

Both CDs will be available separately and will be divided into a black album containing the more heavier, darker stuff and a white album full rock and more quiet songs.

No doubt, AXXIS have been experiencing different sorts of changes on the music market during their 25 years lasting career.

Even though they have always presented themselves full of variety and authenticity at the same time.

Their albums have been heavy, soft, enriched with female vocals and even added with German lyrics during the years.

But the spirit these guys have has always been the same in the core.

"When we were working on "Kingdom Of The Night" all these feelings from back then became alive in us again and things were very clear immediately" singer Bernhard Weiss explains.

"Ideas and creative inputs just flew out of us and it was obvious that we could not release all this on one single album only.

Due to the different songs and ballads such as "Stay Don´t Leave Me" and heavy stuff we decided to split both albums in different moods.

Both albums don´t match modern trends, but both contain the authentic Axxis melody and completely stand for themselves.

"Kingdom Of The Night II" is the first AXXIS studio album for five years and the first one which will be released on the band´s own label Phonotraxx.

And of course, it is the first one that will be released as two CDs.

"In the end, 25 years of AXXIS are nothing that can be put on just one record" says the band.

"Of course we didn´t try to copy ourselves.

We just have the feeling that we resurrected what has been living in between 1989 and 2009.

" .

Track Listing

WHITE EDITION01. Hall of fame02. Heaven in paradise03. Living in a dream04. 21 Crosses05. My eyes06. Dance into life07. Mary married a monster08. We are the world09. Take me far away10. Gone with the wind11. Temple of rock
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