Awake Forever More CD

Awake Forever More CD


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Back 4 years after their label debut, UK progressive metal act Awake return with their brand new opus ‘Forever More’ via Lion Music on 17th October 2011.

Taking a step onwards from their debut ‘Illumination’, Awake have delivered a heavier grittier sound second time round that retains the melodies and depth of its critically acclaimed predecessor.

‘Forever More’ also marks the first album recorded with new guitar duo, the brothers Andy and Steven Coles who have brought stability to the band not to mention bringing a new dimension to heavier sound heard on the new album.

On ‘Forever More’ lyrical slant the band state, "we wanted to convey our own personal experiences with love and loss and the hardships you face when you lose someone close to you.

We hope that this is something people in general can relate to and we hope they can find meaning within the songs".

Forever More is an emotional album written by musicians that are fully dedicated to Awake and pushing the boundaries of what they do.

It can on one hand be perceived as a very sad album and there are moments that will touch the heart strings, but at the same time its extremely powerful and meaningful.

It’s an album we all can relate to and interpret for our own situation, not just in the words but also in the use of keys and guitar.

‘Forever More’ packs a sonic punch musically and emotionally and it’s a package that will be warmly welcomed by music fans worldwide on 17th October 2011.

Track Listing

1. Intro - Into The Storm. 2. Out Of Control. 3. Release Me. 4. Drift Away. 5. Taken. 6. Closing The Doors. 7. Bleed From You. 8. For The Moment. 9. Hold On. 10. One Wish. 11. King. 12. Forever More.
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