Avantasia The Metal Opera Gold Edition CD (Double Disc)

Avantasia The Metal Opera Gold Edition CD (Double Disc)


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Tobias Sammet became well known amongst Rock fans all over the world as the singer and songwriter of Edguy.

Having sold over one million CDs Edguy is one of the biggest internationally acclaimed German Rock bands in recent music history.

They have headlined several tours in more than 35 countries all over North- and South America, Australia, Asia and Europe and shared the stage with the likes of Aerosmith, the Scorpions and Iron Maiden.

In 1999 Tobias started his own side project "Avantasia" which quite unexpectedly exceeded his main band at the time.

From a stylistic view, the majority of the songs on the Metal opera albums are melodic power metal meshed with a voluminous sound, many orchestral passages and choral parts, gaining Avantasia recognition as symphonic power metal.

One song from each part, "Inside" and "In Quest For" respectively, is accompanied almost exclusively by piano.

The first part also contains three short instrumental pieces.

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