Autumnal The End Of The Third Day CD

Autumnal The End Of The Third Day CD


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The End of the Third Day (recorded by Carlos Santos -Sadman Studios, Spain-, and mastered by Jens Bogren -Fascination Street Studios, Sweden) Is the second full-length album by AUTUMNAL.

It is the perfect gathering of melancholic harmonies with epic passages and deep tones, always sounding like the caress of a dark, melodic and doom hammer, demolishing walls and breaking souls.

Records like this happen when music and feelings come straight from the heart.

AUTUMNALs heart-crushing passages are back.

Be ready for more, be ready for AUTUMNAL.

Track Listing

1. A Tear From A Beast 2. One Step…And The Rest Of Our Lives 3. The Head Of The Worm 4. Man´s Life Is The Wolf´s Death5. Resigned To Be Lived 6. The Storm Remains The Same 7. Don´t Leave Me Now (SUPERTRAMP-Cover) 8. Father´s Will
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