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Autograph Beyond CD


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On January 31, 2022, Frontiers Music Srl made an announcement welcoming the legendary '80s hard rockers Autograph to the label's roster. The band, at the time, featuring vocalist Simon Daniels, guitarist Jimi Bell, bassist Randy Rand, and drummer Marc Wieland, were close to wrapping up work on their brand new studio album, "Beyond" which the label had slated for release later in the year. Just as work on the album had been finalized, the unthinkable happened when on April 26, 2022, bassist Randy Rand, a founding member of the band, passed away. Randy had been exchanging emails with the label about the delivery of the masters for the album and plans for the release, quite literally, just days before. After those communications, he received some news about his health and shared with his band members that if something was to happen to him that he wanted them to continue on and to release "Beyond", his last recorded work.

And so, with bittersweet emotions, Frontiers Music Srl announces the forthcoming release of Autograph's new studio album, "Beyond", the last album to feature founding member and bassist Randy Rand.

Autograph, whose hit 'Turn Up The Radio' was a staple of the hard rock soundtrack of the '80s, disbanded in 1989, but in 2011, founding members bassist Randy Rand and guitarist Steve Lynch decided to meet up at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA. They rekindled their friendship first before even thinking about a musical reunion. With their personal relationship rebuilt, they made a collective decision to play again.  Fully embracing the future, the remaining members begin a search for a new singer. They discovered some videos of singer/guitarist/songwriter Simon Daniels (of Jailhouse, Flood, 1RKO) on YouTube and instantly, they sensed a connection and knew that he was the right fit for the band.

In 2019, Lynch decided to leave the group to pursue different musical styles and was replaced by international monster shredder guitarist Jimi Bell (House of Lords). The band didn't skip a beat and went on to record a new album, "Beyond", with this line-up before Rand's untimely passing on April 26, 2022.

The band will release their new studio album, "Beyond" via Frontiers Music Srl in 2022. It is the last album to feature founding member and bassist Randy Rand.

Track Listing

1. This Ain’t The Place I Wanna Be2. Your Slave Tonight3. Everything4. Gotta Getcha 5. Take Me Higher6. Run For Your Life7. Beautiful Disaster8. Love Is A Double Edge Sword9. Heart Of Stone10. Feels So Good11. Flying High12. To Be Together
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