Aurora Borealis World Shapers CD

Aurora Borealis World Shapers CD


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Aurora Borealis originated When Ron Vento parted ways with his former band Lestregus Nosferatus in 1995. Looking for new players He ventured to Florida where he met Tony Laureano (Nile, Dimmu Borgir , Angelcorpse). in 1996 The two then Recorded the first MCD "Mansions OF Eternity" The CD was Recorded Mixed and mastered at Morrisound studios By Scott Burns. Upon Completion Ron relocated To Maryland and began the second CD. 1998 Aurora Borealis began working on the first full length cd and Being that Tony was very busy with other projects Ron called Long time friend Derek Roddy, (Hate Eternal , Malevolent Creation, Nile) to fill the drum position. Derek Agreed to record the drums on the CD and "Praise The Archaic Lights Embrace" was recorded at The Sound lab with Bob Moore.

The Third cd "Northern Lights" was recorded in 2000 again with Derek behind the drum throne at Ron's personal / commercial studio Nightsky Studios. For this album the band decided to sign with Diehard Music. Die Hard released the Euro version of the album while Ron continued to release the North American version on his own Nightsky
Production label as he did with the previous two albums. In 2002 Ron Started work on the 4th cd entitled "Time Unveiled". At that time Derek was in his new band (Hate Eternal) and his schedule would not permit him to play on the CD. Ron Once again Sought a new drummer and Tim Yeung (Vital Remains, Hate Eternal) was found. The CD was again recorded at Nightsky Studios and released on both Die hard music and Nightsky Productions. "Relinquish" the band 5th cd was completed in 2006 and the the band had come Full circle at long last. Tony Laureano was once again in the drum position and the cd was recorded at Nightsky Studios like the last few albums. The cd was only released on Nightsky Prod. Enter 2011 and a new drummer Mark Green was now in the drum position. The cd "Timeline: The Beginning & End of Everything" was a conceptual effort that starts from the beginning of all existence and continues through until the very end of universe and the eventual retraction and rebirth of it all. It was recorded at Nightsky Recording Studios and released on Nightsky prod. Now its 2013 and Mark Green is once again in the drum position for the recording of Aurora Borealis's 7th cd "World Shapers" The cd is a conceptual offshoot from the "Timeline" cd and explores areas where timeline left off. As usual it was recorded mixed and mastered by Ron Vento at Nightsky Studios.

Track Listing

01. In The Beginning 02. God Like Redemption 03. World Shapers 04. Induced Mutation 05. The Oldest Of Dilemmas 06. Watchers From Above 07. This Is The Way They Choose To Die 08. A Subtle Way To Eradicate Them 09. Silent War 10. And To The Stars Returned
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