Aura Noir Out To Die (coloured Vinyl) Vinyl LP

Aura Noir Out To Die (coloured Vinyl) Vinyl LP


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New pressings now available on coloured vinyl!!!! In light of their impending sixth album "Aura Noire", giving some attention to their previous obelisk of a thrash album "Out To Die" is absolutely fitting.

May 2018 sees the re-release of the fifth Aura Noir album, “Out to Die”, their first album with INDIE recordings.

A band geared towards thrash connoisseurs with active minds and mean spirits, Aura Noir stand at the fore of metal’s definitive genre in an age where the underground is utterly besodden with bands.

These Norwegian thrash stalwarts don’t so much tread the line between savagery and sophistication as stomp upon it, showering dirt in the faces of lesser acts with each smouldering crater of an album.

Track Listing

1. Trenches2. Fed to the Flames3. Abbadon4. The Grin from the Gallows5. Withheld6. Priest’s Hellish Fiend7. Deathwish8. Out to Die
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