Au-Dessus Au-dessus Vinyl LP

Au-Dessus Au-dessus Vinyl LP


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On the shores of the Baltic sea at the crossroad between worlds, darker than the night, more hostile than the harshest winter, this album from those Lithuanians pushes the Post-black metal borders out.

“Au Dessus” blows a freezing wind with atmospheres full of negative waves in order to take the listener to lands unknown, where the elements are either taken from Sludge music or from mental torture, re-opens each and every wound of the soul.

With an enormous maturity for a debut album, you will found nothing more ethereal, nothing more terrifying, because this one is Au-Dessus above everything else.

And the story has just began… .

Track Listing

1. I     2. I.II  3. II     4. II.II 5. III     6. III.II   7. IV     8. IV.II  9. V    
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