Attan End Of. Vinyl LP

Attan End Of. Vinyl LP


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When you grow up in the northernmost part of Norway, being harder than hardcore and more metal than metal is part of the mother’s milk.

Following up on their 2015 EP “From Nothing”, ATTAN strike back from Ultima Thule with an album described by themselves as “The sound of humanity sucking the marrow from its own bone”.

Consisting of members from Jesus Fucking Christ and Like Rats From A Sinking Ship, the 5-piece teamed up with producer Christian Wibe in Amper Tone and Oslo Klang studios to forge their debut album “End of.


US-based artist Seana Reilly’s bleak art adorn the cover of an album that does not offer any easy solutions for our troubled times.

With subjects ranging from environmental issues, holier than thou-religious figures, to technology and terrorism, it is indeed within the dark aspects of modern life these themes originate.

Track Listing

1. The Burning Bush Will Not Be Televised2. Feed The Primates3. On Hands And Knees4. In Our Image (This is love)5. SoMe Riefenstahl6. Black Liquid Marrow7. Catalyst Divine8. Ghostwriters9. End Of.
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