Atra Vetosus Apricity CD

Atra Vetosus Apricity CD


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Atra Vetosus return with their brand new album «Apricity».

It is by far their most complex output yet.

If there have ever been any boundaries for their sound, they have now smashed them to pieces.

Having evolved their style to richer soundscapes than ever before, conveying elements of atmospheric, depressive and post black metal, while still keeping alive the essential core of the melodic black metal their music is rooted in.

Track Listing

1. Oceans of Light, Rainfall of Stars 2. Ever Falling Snow 3. Violet 4. Where the Lost Spirits Roam 5. Fading Life, Winter Winds 6. Amber 7. Of Ancient Prophecies 8. Pravitatem Cordis Hominis
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