Astrophobos Malice Of Antiquity CD

Astrophobos Malice Of Antiquity CD


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”Malice of Antiquity”, the long awaited second album by Swedish black metal band ASTROPHOBOS, is set to be released in 2019 by Triumvirate Records.

With the release of their debut EP ”Arcane Secrets” in 2010, ASTROPHOBOS quickly made a name for themselves with their ferocious yet melodic style of black metal. Following up on their early success with the critically acclaimed full-length album ”Remnants of Forgotten Horrors” (2014) and the pummeling EP ”Enthroned in Flesh” (2016), ASTROPHOBOS are now back with their most varied and dynamic output to date.

Mixed and mastered by Marco Mastrobueno (FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, HOUR OF PENANCE) at Kick Recording Studios, ”Malice of Antiquity” offers nine songs of melodic Swedish black metal. While retaining their trademark ASTROPHOBOS sound, the new album shows the band exploring new territories. From the thrashing opening track ”Fire of Catharsis” to the epic finale ”Imperator Noctis” — that features

Track Listing

1. Fire of Catharsis2. Begotten in Black3. Descending Shadows4. Abattoir for Flesh and Faith5. The Summoning Call6. The Wolves Between the Stars7. Until the Red of Dawn8. The Nourishing Hate9. Imperator Noctis
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