ASP Kosmonautilus (2cd Digibook Edition) CD (Double Disc)

ASP Kosmonautilus (2cd Digibook Edition) CD (Double Disc)


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The direct follow-up to the acclaimed 'Zutiefst' album goes a step further, revealing itself to be highly emotional, full of attention to detail and above all, presenting a high risk of being infected by earworms.

Each song captivates thanks to its very own fantastical treatment, with mastermind Asp Spreng setting about his work with relish.

Even though, as usual, the album appears lyrically demanding, offering ASP fans lots of allusions and back references, with 'Kosmonautilus' you feel an energy that seems to be in contradiction to the complexity and profundity of the lyrics.

The hit density has been increased once again.

One gothic novel rock stormer follows the other, and future live evergreens follow hot on each other's heels.

Once more, new genre boundaries are stealthily transcended.

Once more, the band reinvents itself, yet gradually, cautiously and without the effects being immediately strikingly apparent.

Track Listing

. Rückfall2. Morgengrauen irgendwo3. Phragmokontrolle4. Abyssus 2 (Musik)5. Tritons Fall6. Eishimmel7. Liebes Licht8. Tintakel9. Schatten eilen uns voraus10. Abyssus 311. Abyssus 412. Abyssus 513. Kosmonautilus14. BonesCD21. Torpedos (Live in Stuttgart)2.
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