Asofy Nessun Luogo CD

Asofy Nessun Luogo CD


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The project Asofy originated in 2000, formerly involving other people but substantially running around the main and now sole member Tryfar: a respected visual Artist, yet author of many music album covers and artworks and books illustrations.

As we all know, characters like him, on the same line with geniuses like Costin Chioreanu, are to be considered unique and anarchists in the music scene, or we should rather say: unbound to the laws of the music market.

Music is just one, and not the primary, of their needs to exploit their visions and pain, therefore also in Asofy you will not find rules and clear music genres belongings.

Asofy's music is dark and melancholic, extremely uncommercial and even uneasy at times.

We quote american monsters Lycia and the other italian weirdos Canaan as possible main references, but it is nearly impossible to cut a precise profile for their music.

It is not doom, it is not black and not at all it is that generic “post” that nowdays is used to tag everything that sounds a bit different than average.


Track Listing

1. Lontano da me 2. Nemeton3. Fosca4. Infine5. Figure Scure6. Orizzonte7. Memoria8. Piccola Disperazione9. Nessun Luogo
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