Ashes of Ares Emperors And Fools (turquoise/black Vinyl) Vinyl LP

Ashes of Ares Emperors And Fools (turquoise/black Vinyl) Vinyl LP


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Nine years after forming Ashes of Ares, Matt Barlow (vocals, ex-Iced Earth)and Freddie Vidales (guitar, ex-Iced Earth) return with their third fulllength album "Emperors and Fools".

This album sees the duo take the darkness and aggression from their previous album "Well of Souls" to a higher echelon.

The writing process began almost immediately after "Well of Souls" was released.

As usual, it was a true collaborative effort between the two, with ideas originating from one or the other, then evolving and being refined to what is presented on "Emperors and Fools.

" The album flow is designed to keep the listeners on edge while bringing them from fast,heavy, pounding anthems to somber, melancholic, emotional pieces.

The album ends with the eleven-minute long epic "Monster's Lament" which features the long-imagined joining of forces between Matt Barlow and Tim Ripper Owens (Iced Earth, KK's Priest).

Great Power Metal with modern, progressive elements and of course outstanding vocals.

Track Listing

1. A City in Decay (Intro) 2. I Am the Night 3. Our Last Sunrise 4. Primed 5. Where God Fears to Go 6. Emperors and Fools 7. By My Blade 8. What Tomorrow Will Bring 9. The Iron Throne 10. Gone 11. Throne of Iniquity (CD Exclusive Track) 12. Monster's Lame
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