Ashbury Heights The Looking Glass Society CD

Ashbury Heights The Looking Glass Society CD


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Sweden's top Electro-Pop-Act returns with "The Looking Glass Society" - an album that puts a decidedly contemporary spin on the duo's distinctive modern futurist sound and features 12 sublime new songs.

"I’d say our sound is a bit heavier and gloomier now, a lot of terrible personal stuff transpired during the last few years and our music and lyrics have come to reflect that: Anders Hagstrom, singer and founder of Ashbury Heights explains the new album.
With new singer and first full collaborative partner in crime Tea F. Thime, Ashbury Heights not only returns with their strongest line-up ever, but have also managed to reinvigorate what is still the most exciting electro pop act to emerge from the scene in the past decade.
"The Looking Glass Society“, a title which refers to the duo's shared love of Lewis Carroll's twisted and imaginative works, breathes new life into the group's trademark sound which expertly fuses new wave, synth pop and industrial with a distinctively modern approach to create catchy, yet intriguing songs.

Not shying away from contemporary pop-production techniques and influences from the club-scene while always keeping a keen ear out for interesting new beats and sound designs, Ashbury Heights very successfully walk the tight rope between charts-appeal and art.

“The Looking Glass Society” is perhaps best described as cerebral pop, featuring 12 extraordinarily strong songs (among them the fan favorite “Starlight”) with absolute hit-potential.


Track Listing

1. Masque2. Heart Of Darkness3. Glow4. Hollow5. Phantasmagoria6. Piano7. Leave Off At Seven8. The Number 229. Gravitational Man10. Ghost Spirit Mother11. Starlight12. November Corrosion
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