Asenblut Die Wilde Jagd CD

Asenblut Die Wilde Jagd CD


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More than ten years have passed since Asenblut came together. A lot has happened in the Göttingen based band's camp since they caused quite the stir in the German Pagan Metal scene with their debut „Aufbruch“ back in 2009.

Asenblut are now presenting their fourth epos called “Die Wilde Jagd” (The Wild Hunt). The new album is full of epic battle songs and tales of merciless heroes. This time the band put special effort in telling tales to give the fans an even more immersive and enduring opus, designed to even withstand the end of the world. Beware - for the wild hunt is flying tonight!

Track Listing

1. Die Wilde Jagd2. Codex Gigas3. Seite An Seite4. Irminsul5. Drachentöter6. Penumbra7. Weder Gott Noch Könige8. Wolfshunger9. 30010. Seite An Seite (Extended Version)
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