As I May Karu (red/black Marble) Vinyl LP

As I May Karu (red/black Marble) Vinyl LP


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As I May is a four-piece modern melodic metal band from Mikkeli, Finland - formed in 2016.

The band combines modern elements, yet keeps focus on the heavier side of the music, and they sound like a modern day US mixture of In Flames and Amorphis, so almost any metal fan would get a treat from listening to the music of these Finns! It’s a mature band, displaying a truly professional attitude towards the modern sound of heavy metal.

The soul of the music lies within the catchy melodies and the big choruses.

Track Listing

01. Charged 02. Breaking Myself Away 03. Rotten 04. High Octane 05. Under The Gun 06. Devil Rides With Me 07. Broken 08. Black Ink 09. Choke Me
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