Artillery One Foot In The Grave, The… CD

Artillery One Foot In The Grave, The… CD


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Artillery's first live album featuring a fantastic gig the thrash veteran's of Artillery gave at Metalmania Festival 2008! The outstanding guitar play of brothers Stützer, charismatic Carsten Nielsen's powerful drums and the uncompromising thrash energy of Søren Adamsen's voice ruthlessly hammered their way into the hearts of the headbangers assambled on that occasion.

Artillery launched a veritable blitz, bombarding their fans with a skull-breaking selection of some of the best songs from their entire discography, including great thrash metal masterpieces like By Inheritence and Khomaniac! Digipak edition is limited to 1000 copies!.

Track Listing

1. Deeds of Darkness 2. Into the Universe 3. The Almighty 4. Cybermind 5. The Challenge 6. By Inheritance 7. The Eternal War 8. Beneath the Clay (R.I.P.) 9. Time Has Come 10. At War with Science 11. Out of the Sky 12. Khomaniac 13. Terror Squad
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