Arsis Visitant Vinyl LP

Arsis Visitant Vinyl LP


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ARSIS shines as a standout in the technical, melodic death metal genre.

The American, Virginia Beach-based quartet, derived its name from the musical term "arsis and thesis", meaning: unstressed (up-) and stressed (down-).

The name's origin comes as no surprise, considering co-founder's James Malone's classical education in music (James' a skilled violinist and a composition major), which in turn ads a whole new layer to the way in which ARSIS sounds.

And the sound is powerful.

ARSIS makes death metal that is righteously tinged with black & thrash influences, but is completely dedicated to expanding the reaches of melodicism and technicality in the genre.

"Visitant", the new studio album, offers a glimpse at a band in its peak form, a band which possesses all of the elements to push the envelope.

Track Listing

1. Tricking The Gods2. Hell Sworn3. Easy Prey4. Fathoms5. As Deep As Your Flesh6. A Pulse Keeping Time With The Dark7. Funeral Might8. Death Vow9. Dead Is Better10. Unto The Knife11. His Eyes (Pseudo Echo Cover)
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